New Start & Beginning A Blog

Today is the day I decided that I would begin to blog my daily life, or try to blog on a regular basis. My goal starting out is to write a blog post at least once a week if not more.

From my home page it tells you that not only is the goal of this site to maintain a blog, but also to post up stories I have or any artwork I may have. I plan to try an post in those areas once a month.

I am currently a 28 year old female, from the state of Kansas. I work a full time job as a state employee and live with my darling mother. Why do I live with her? Many reasons, one being that I started off going to school in another city and came back after being ill for a week. I made the decision to withdrawal from school rather than watch my grades plummet from being behind in my classes. I was attending the local University to get my nursing degree.

Alas after getting sick I came back home and went back to working my state job making a decent hourly wage. I am happy to have funds and benefits, but am still hardly satisfied with staying where I am at for the rest of my years. And I definitely have a lot of years left.

Nursing is still my end goal, or rather the beginning of a great career choice. Unfortunately, I am in debt due to having to live in the dorms my first year there. Nursing requires you to take many classes on campus and my closest University was two hours away from my home town. And I did not have anyone I knew there. So no help on that route.

So, I have been spending the last five month figuring out what to do, when BAM, new exciting information was released in my city. They are finally bringing some nursing routes to my town. I will not have to move or change jobs again. I can work, and go to school without needed a dorm or being away from family. Granted, the first LPN program does not start until the fall of 2018, but it is still great news, for someone like me who does not want to travel too far for classes.

Anyways, my mother will actually be retiring in a couple of years and will be moving up with my step dad about an hour and a half drive away. So I will be basically renting the house in a couple of years and have it to myself. Yay! Eventually I will finally be out on my own, being independent. I will still miss my mother dearly though.

Thanks for reading thus far. I have many more thoughts and feelings to come eventually. ❤


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