The Pain of Working Out

So for the past month and a half my mother and I have been so busy that we stopped going to the gym in my home town. It was not until Thursday that my mom was all about the ‘we need to go back to the gym, are you ready for today?’

My mother works day shift from about 5:30 am to 2:00 pm, and I work the midnight shift from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. Since we are the only two who motivate each other to actually go, I have to compromise and sleep after I get off work, wake up before 2:30 pm and get ready for some exercising. I try not to complain about it, but I really enjoy sleeping for 8 or more hours. If I get less sleep than that, I tend to be on the cranky side of the bed.

I actually woke up about 1:30 pm on Thursday and could not sleep another few minutes. Instead I got my yoga pants and t-shirt on and proceeded to meet my mother in the living room before heading out. She was surprised I hadn’t slept until 2:45 pm like I said I would. I enjoy trying to go around 3:00 pm so I can get a few more winks of sleep.

We left about 2:20 pm and headed over to the gym. To my surprise some of the co-workers my mom and I work with were just checking in as well. I did not realize the hardcore workout I would soon be getting.

After checking in my mom decided to get a discounted rate on her monthly payments that she was not able to get before. While she was doing that, my two co-workers, one who was another supervisor, gestured to me to come over. Mom told me to go on ahead, so I went. From there, my co-worker who had been my trainer decided to become my workout trainer. OMG, I was really being pushed almost to the point where it was almost too much, especially since I was out of practice.

Two days later and my body is hurting. Ugh. I am definitely going to have to start investing in heat wraps and ibuprofen if things continue being that hardcore. At least to me it was hardcore. But I know it is good for me. I will be starting back up on Monday. Trying to lose weight sucks.


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