It Has Been A While

Hey everyone, it has been a while since I wrote anything, mainly because I have been dealing with life issues that have cropped up. Between having headaches every other day and experiencing restless leg syndrome every evening, I’ve had much better days.

I have been trying to figure out the best way to capture my artwork to post it up on the site. I have taken photographs of my art, but it isn’t as good as having something that has been scanned in. The other issue is making sure no one claims my art as their own. Many pieces I have completed are not signed or anything. I might have to put a watermark or something somewhere on them before posting, but I am still wanting to post them to show people.

Other than having a break in my art flow, I have begun the process of making an outline for a novel I want to write. I have an idea in mind at might just be new and I want to try it. It’s been several years since I wrote anything significant. The last time I did, it was writing Harry Potter fanfiction, but now I am quite serious and my dream is to someday actually publish an original novel.

As you can see I am quite the creative little bee. I love writing and drawing. Those things are my bread and butter to keep me sane. The other thing along with those is music. I absolutely have to listen to music while writing or drawing. Then I just sink into Zen-like bliss.

So I hope everyone is having a much better week than I have been having.


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